Life insurance case studies


Insurance is important protection for you and your family and means your family is protected against financial hardship if the unexpected occurs. 

Unfortunately, many Australians don't know:

Which, if any, insurances they have...

What they are paying for insurance...

How much default insurance they have...

That default policies can often be more expensive than stand-alone policies.

Arrow Securities Group can help you review your insurances to make sure you'll be protected if the unforeseen happens.

Example A:


New home owners seeking new insurance policies


This advice is based on new clients getting into debt for the first time for a family home.


Tyson and Brooke are in their mid-thirties with a baby on the way. With the help of their mortgage broker, they have just purchased their new home, securing a loan of $885,000. As they now have significant debt and a new family member on the way, they want to get an insurance review as they’ve never done one before.


The couple only have default superannuation insurances in place and these are deemed totally inadequate based on their Needs Analysis. We recommend they each take out Life Insurance, TPD, Income Protection and Trauma Cover because both are currently working in some capacity.


With our recommendations, Tyson implemented the following (stepped) cover:

  • $1.2m Life at $396 pa

  • $720k TPD at $292 pa

  • $5,800 monthly Income Protection for $927pa


And Brooke implemented the following (stepped) cover:

  • $5,500 monthly Income Protection for $563 pa



Example B:


A re-financing client getting higher insurance cover


Miko is a married, 61-year-old, with two young children. With his mortgage broker, he has just re-financed his existing PPR mortgage of $240,000 plus an additional loan of $250,000 for his SMSF’s investment property. Miko already had an $851,000 life insurance cover in place through his AMP superannuation and was paying $8,441 p.a. for his life policy.


Bayswater went to the insurance market, checked with a number of providers and were able to get Miko a $1,210,00 life insurance policy for $7,927 through a different insurance provider, Clearview Solutions.


With Bayswater’s help, he was able to:

  • Increase his cover;

  • Update the terms on his policy; and 

  • Save $514 pa on his existing premiums.


Miko was also moved to an industry superannuation fund which charged less fees than his old AMP fund. He was very happy with his mortgage, insurance cover and lower cost superannuation fund.