• Christopher Hall

Top performing shares Nov 2018

October shook up markets however the strongest groups have already progressed beyond the market. As is normally the case, the leaders have advanced in clusters made up of shares from the same industry or thematic.

Here are the leaders:

Gold Miners

In times of uncertainty it’s not surprising to see gold and gold mining companies rise to the top.


The leaders in the technology space often have a two-pronged approach, where the second is exposure to another industry which is performing well.

Coupling the two approaches gives twice the amount of tail-wind, which at the right time, propels these companies to lead the market. Rhipe (RHP) is this weeks’ strongest performer.

RHP provides cloud-based subscription software internationally, and their customers are some of the world’s largest companies. For investors wondering if such a business model can survive, use Xero (XRO) as a recent example of what is possible in this space.


A market leading theme going into October, before the market fell, was Healthcare, more specifically bio-technology. CSL (CSL) is Australia’s most well-known name, however these smaller healthcare companies have been proving strong performers since the start of October.


Australia’s largest Telco is Telstra (TLS) which is far from a top performer this month, or year. However the New Zealand Telco providers have been performing well. A combination of a stronger NZD and a rather defensive industry in turbulent times, has provided a stable base for investors to recoup some October losses.

Note that the AUD has been steadily falling aginst the NZD since August 2018 and is still slipping further.

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