• Christopher Hall

Emerging themes from the Reporting Season with Hugh Dive

Special dividends, falling commodity prices, surprising consumer sales and reluctance to take on cheap debt were just some of the themes emerging form The August 2019 Reporting Season on the ASX.

Hugh Dive from Atlas Funds Management explains: - why the reason is summarised as "okay, but uninspiring"; - Which companies provided capital management strategies; - where the special dividends came from; - Why management is unwilling to increase debt despite record low interest rates - Why Australians are happy to buy a new phone. hair cuts and drink and gamble, but not go on holidays - How the iron ore price reflects on Canberra's ability to balance a nation's budget or trade surplus - Why labour costs and wages are hurting BHP and RIO's share prices - the impacts of global macroeconomics during reporting season - How much the ASX's dividends increased between 3% and 7% (or not at all if you exclude special dividends)

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