• Christopher Hall

Australian Market Segments this Month

October has been similar to August and September with the smallest companies, Emerging Companies, and Small-Caps, performing the best this month compared to the rest of the market.

Small-Caps gained +1.17% and Emerging companies are up +0.8% for the month, whereas the rest of the market was flat, or slightly down, over the same time frame.

In the market drop over the fourth quarter of CY 2018, the smallest companies were hit the hardest, they also recovered the slowest until July this year.

Since July, the Emerging companies have come from last to first place, up + 12%, compared to Small-Caps +2.5% and the remainder of the market being flat, or slightly down.

The chart below is showing the leading strength of the Emerging Companies segment of the Australian Market in light green versus the rest of the market:

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