• Christopher Hall

ASX Retial Leaders - November 2019

Australia's leading Retail companies this fortnight are a mixture of well-known Large-Caps and and Small-Cap performers. Once again, there's a strong thread of small purchases, or smaller luxuries here. Starting with Temple and Webster (TPW) +16%. TPW came from the oversubscribed 2015 IPO to fall almost 80%, now to climb back more than 10-fold. Key points are revenue growth +41% and strong international growth - another strong performer after the AGM with $13.5m cash and no debt. Cash Converters (CCV) have settled a class action claim from Queenslanders who took out consumer credit loans between 2009 and 2013. Total payments of $42.5m are to be paid by the end of September next year. Baby Bunting (BBN) + 12%, Shave Shop (SSG) + 11%, The REject Shop (TRS) +10% and JB Hi-fI (JBH) +7%. That rounds out the top performers for this fortnight and we’ll come to you next week with the latest leading companies taking the market higher.

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