• Christopher Hall

Best six Professional services companies on the ASX

The best six companies on the ASX that are making professional services easier. These companies have gained 8-18% over the last two weeks. Most fit into the technology and SaaS space. First to Audinate Group (AD8), +18% for the fortnight. The company is Known for their Dante technology that distributes AV signals across computer networks. The recent AGM presentation had the key points of 34% revenue growth. EBITDA up 4x, operating cash-flow up 3x. Now with less than60k Date trained and certified professionals globally. Citadel Group (CGL) is up +17%. Working across the regtech, sales data, health data areas all the way through to first-responder critical data and tertiary education avenues. CGL's AGM presentation showed Q1 inline with expectations, consistent margins, low double-digit growth projections and reporting SaaS up to 36% or revenue from 26%. Technology One (TNE) +15% for the fortnight. TNE is known to help business thorough outsourced middle staff and ever popular mobile access. TNE reported 50% increase in profit, being the 10th consecutive year of record profits. Recurring revue up 44%. Enterprise customers up 35% from last year. with forecasts to more than double revenue over the next four years. other strong performers were Cleanway Waste (CWY) + 11%, Ooh! Media (OML) + 9% and , Elmo Software, (ELO) +7%.

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