• Christopher Hall

Maximum risk of a Pullback is here

10 year cycles, (0-day cycles, overlapping highs and lower volume are all coinciding to increase the probability of a pull-back in the US and Australian markets. Gary Glover of Novus Capital walks through the seaonsal patters, technical indicators and the waning volumes as the market struggles higher. Glover sees maximum risk of a pullback from here and is adding bearish ETFs to the portfolio. The US markets have a high conviction - 85%+ - that we'll have a -15% drop from here, being the end of October 2019. the end of October fits in with both the decade cycles of markets as well as the 90-day moments on both the US and Australian markets. The Australian market is poised for a 470-odd point drop to the first support level, and risks of falling beyond that level in the year ahead. Glover explains how he's hedging the portfolio and setting his clients up to profit from the movements.

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