• Christopher Hall

Six Small-Cap Tech Companies Running Hot

We're looking at six tech companies with strong performances over the last two weeks with the strongest being up more than 30% . Most of these leaders are in the software business with upfront development costs and unlimited upside. Wisr (WZR) is up +43%. The fin-tech company with a new slant on personal lending. Look at the numbers presented at their AGM they called 2019 the year of'creating the neo-lender model'. Presenting almost 4x loan volume growth, 2x operating revenue and marketing expenses dropping. Also presented at Macquarie Emerging Leaders Forum recently. Adacel Technologies (ADA) +33%. Known for their aviation and air traffic control simulation software. Reported that their services segment was inline with expectations and systems segment on budget. Announced two new products;, simulating airport coach drivers training in a risk free 3D environment; and a cloud-based billing system for aviation service providers. Objective Corp (OCL) + 29.5% is a company known for their compliance software, sometimes referred to as reg-tech. A popular product of OCL istheir document evolution, audit reporting and version controls. OCL are moving to a subscription rather than licensing model. OCL have been maintaining customers and revenues, which often drop in such a transition, while holding trend of 20 years not issuing capital, but reducing shares on issue. A steady performer. Other key performers are Buddy Tech (BUD) + 26%, Catapult (CAT) +19% and Audinate Group (AD8) + 18%.

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