• Christopher Hall

Top Six ASX-Listed Property Trusts with yields.

The best performing Listed Property Trusts (LPTs) on the ASX are up +10% in two weeks, this is where investors are still hunting strong income yields. Rural Funds (RFF) are up +10.8%, known for their exposure in the agriculture industry. Short interest has plagued RFF in the second half of this year. First by Bonitas Research in August taking the share price for a nose dive off a cliff. RFF somewhat recovered then in September Hong Kong company Becephalus Research Partners produced papers similar to Bonitas. RFF have been crawling back up. Investors are in two minds on whether these reports are shedding light on new areas, completely false, or a larger plot to lower share price for more foreign ownership of rural assets in Australia. Whatever the real reason, the share price has rallied. Peet Limited (PPC), the land and property developer is up +6.6% over the last two weeks. The 18th of November saw their annual report announced after market close and sent the share price skyrocketing the following day, only to give it all back over the next week. The AGM that followed was seen as positive and has resumed the climb to take second place this fortnight Centuria Industrial REIT (CIP), is up +5.88% for the fortnight. Strong yield in an environment with falling rates has kept interest in CIP strong. Risen this fortnight almost as much as it's yield. Other top performers are Big Ingenia Group (INA) + 5.4%, Tian An Australia (TIA), formerly PBD Developments +4.6% and Viva Energy (VEA)+ 4.3%. That rounds out the top LPT performers for the last two weeks and we’ll come to you next week with the latest leading companies leading the market higher.

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