• Christopher Hall

The Investment Script: Growth and Reasonable Yield

Investing in the share market is on the basis that there will be growth, with some dividends along the way. COVID-19 has rocked markets and dislodged many investor's income expectations as ASX boards decrease or defer dividends.

FNArena Editor's Rudi Filapek-Vandyck explains how dividends will take years to recover the amount as ASX boards use CV-19 as the opportunity to reset pay-out ratios and the total dividends flowing to investors.

Taking the investment research one step further Filapek-Vandycrevisits the notion that Growth is the focus of the portfolio, then a reasonable yield. If that investment script is applied, then the income will be taken care of by the growth over the years. This is what is noe referred to as Growth And Reasonable Yield (GARY).

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