• Christopher Hall

Australian Market Segments to December

November was dominated by mid-cap shares rising 4.8% compared to the market only rising 3.1%.

The strength in Mid-Caps is partly explained by the strong moves this month from:

- A2 Milk (A2M) +22.4%,

- Xero (XRO) +23.9%,

- Resmed (RMD) +19.9% and

- Magellan Financial (MFG) +8.3%

These four being half of the top eight Mid-Cap shares on the ASX.

Together, this Mid-Cap strength has pulled the market higher, while all other segments are below the overall market with:

- Top Twenty (XTL) + 2%

- Small-Caps (XSO) + 1.5%

- Emerging Companies (XEC) -0.5%

The chart below has the top line in gold highlighted as the Mid-Cap’s performance over the last month.

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