• Christopher Hall

Australian Market Segments to February 2020

Emerging Companies (XEC) have taken the market lead again in December and January only to then give up the most as the markets turned down in the January.

This rising and falling is true to the higher volatility nature of (XEC).

Interestingly the Small Cap and Mid Caps have lagged behind the Large and Mid Cap companies. While XEC is far ahead of the rest of the market and the differences between the other segments or groups are narrower. Normally the market is either taken higher by the small end or big end of town, but not normally the largest and smallest at the same time.

The performance in January 2020 has been the same as the rest of the year, however if the market continues to fall for another couple of days, the chances are high that XEC will fall much further than the other segments and change the rankings dramatically.

The chart below shows the aqua green highlighted line as the XEC’s performance over the last year against the other market segments.

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