School fees

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • Can I afford private schooling for my child?

  • Can my mortgage cover school fees?

  • How much will private school fees for my child cost?

  • Will my salary be enough to see our children through private school?

  • When should I start saving for school fees? And how much?


then you’ve been asking yourself the same questions my wife and I were.

Hi, I’m Christopher Hall, founder of Arrow Securities Group.

When planning for our children’s schooling we wanted to know exactly how much the school fees would be when our toddlers get to year 7 and start private schooling.


In my research, I found that by the time a child born today is in year 12, their private school fees would be more than the average Australian wage – before taxes.


This shocked me along with the other parents I have shared the research findings with, so I am sharing my findings with you.


How can we afford school fees?

There are a few simple ways to afford school fees, but if you’re relying on your job, you’re unlikely to get there.


Recently one parent of a child in Sydney private school described the school as “becoming ridiculously elitist” and said “You just can’t afford to pay the fees, you have to be a merchant banker or a partner in a law firm”


This statement seems excessive, but she’s not too far off the mark. But there are other ways to afford the school fees.


So I got to work on this plan – literally. I work in finance and have helped start, manage and run numerous financial planning, trading and stock broking desks over my career. So, this was, quite literally, another day(s) in the office for me.


What is the best plan?

When researching the best possible way to save for private school fees, I explored all viable avenues and laid out the findings in a Private School Fees Affordability Review. I’ve also created a few tools to help you DIY your own family’s plan.


After reading this Review you’ll know:

  • Why your current job is not enough of a savings plan

  • When to start saving for private school fees

  • Why, how and when to invest

  • How to manage the investments over time

  • The ‘too hard basket’: how to find someone to do it all for you and what to pay them.


Download here.


P.S. This is not about whether private schools are ‘worth it’, or bemoaning how expensive they are. Your family will discuss these issues and arrive at your own conclusion, just like we did. This document is for those of you who are open to sending their children to private school and would like to know more about how to plan for these expenses.


Here is the download link again,


Cheers, Christopher.

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