Client testimonials

I have known Christopher Hall professionally for the past 10 years and worked

with him on my own personal investment portfolio for the past 5 years. 


During this time, I have regularly recommended Christopher’s services to my friends,

clients and colleagues. He has established a terrific rapport with everyone I have referred him to,

which includes many older ‘non-financial-world’ friends and clients. 

I am very impressed with the thoroughness and courtesy Christopher always displays. 

He puts time and effort into detailed responses to everyone he liaises with.

He is proactive and views investment opportunities in an even-handed and considered manner


Mark Edmunds, FCPA, Mark Edmunds Associates, Nelson Bay

March 2018



I have known and been associated with Christopher, since approximately 2009. 


Our first interaction was when Christopher contacted me after I answered a survey

regarding equities and the share market. We developed a rapport over the ensuing months. 


At first I was reluctant to follow his advice; as a result of this, I lost money. 

I then started transferring our holdings to Christopher for him to manage.

His good advice led to a substantial increase in the value of our portfolio. 

Prior to meeting Christopher, we had dealings with two large brokers, one with its own bank.

Despite the fact that that we were making losses, they continued to receive their brokerage. 

Christopher on the other hand, is honest and clearly has our best interests at heart.

He advises me about any recommendations which come my way and most importantly,

he advises me against any which are not in our best interests. 

Without any hesitation, I have recommended Christopher to a number of associates and clients,

as I know that he will treat them with absolute honesty and professionalism. 

Given our experience with him, I cannot recommend Christopher Hall highly enough

Keith Karp, South Australia

May 2018